EDA Volunteers are just as important as our Swimmers!


Clubs and Districts rely on volunteers to help conduct their meets. For a proposed qualifying meet to be approved by Swimming Victoria, and for your childs time to be made official in the National Results Database, these meets must have a minimum number of volunteer 'officials' on pool deck as per SV regulations. Meets using stop watches MUST have 3 timekeepers on each lane for the duration of the meet. Other meets using automatic timing may only need 2 timekeepers per lane. Clubs and Districts are also required to supply volunteers for marshalling and check marshalling amongst other roles.


Parents are expected to assist as timekeepers at swim meets hosted by EDA and Metro West and volunteer rosters are published prior to the event. The more people who put their hand up to volunteer, the easier it is to spread the load!


Timekeeping is one of the main tasks where parents are required to assist. Parents can also be asked to assist with marshalling, result running, refreshments and BBQ. Depending on the meet you may be required for a very short amount of time or for a slightly longer time. 

All of these tasks are easy to perform and are generally very social! At the end of the day we are all volunteers working to assist our dedicated and hard working swimmers achieve their goals!