Elite Swimming & EDA – The connection.

Established in 1988, Elite Swimming was set up by founder Chris Stathis as a training program for competitive swimmers, based out of the East Keilor Leisure Centre with a connection to the East Keilor Swimming Club.

Before long, the squads were so successful, Chris was forced to find more pool space, which by coincidence became available at the Strathmore Secondary College pool.

As new swimmers from the local area joined the training program, Chris and brother John decided to establish a common club, (made up with a committee of parents), for all the swimmers in the program, rather than having swimmers from many different clubs swimming within the program. It was felt that socially and as a competitive group, it was better to have all swimmers together.

In 1990, Strathmore Aquatic Incorporated was conceived, and only swimmers within the Elite Swimming Training squads were able to join the club.

Over the years, there have been a couple of name changes, as well as a couple of coaching changes, however the concept remains the same. When the original Essendon Swimming club folded on the early 2000’s it was felt that the name Essendon District Aquatic was appropriate for the membership base that we have, as well as being a nationally recognised name.

In order to provide some clarity, Elite Swimming provide the professional coaches, venues, squad structure and invoicing / administration for all squad training.

Essendon District Aquatic Inc. is a swim club of swimmers from the Elite Swimming Squad program that swim competitively. EDA has a parent committee that works closely with Elite Swimming to provide a competitive pathway with like minded swimmers and parents.

As a consequence, there is quite a bit of overlap between both entities. Some of the squads within Elite Swimming are only for EDA members – usually at the higher end of the squad spectrum. Elite Swimming coaches will often be present at EDA target meets and meets that EDA run.

Both Elite Swimming and EDA are filled with vibrant and versatile people who are dedicated to building strong competitive swimmers and facilitating a great community of people.